PLUS: One Ticket. All Competitions. Forever.


🚀 Access to all running competitions, present, and future.

✔️ Forever. For real.

On average Non Architecture launches 12 competitions per year, and we have been doing it for a few years. With this ticket, you will be able to join our competitions forever, for as long as we keep running the show!

Once you purchase this ticket, you will have access to a PLUS tab on your profile. You can join Open Competition Groups in one click and you are ready to submit your project. No need to go through extra steps!

So to recap, if you buy this ticket, you will:

  • Get a PRO tab on your profile page, and from there you can access all the competitions for free 📝
  • Join as many competitions as you want, like eating cookies whenever you feel hungry 🍪
  • Invite friends to join you as team members without paying an extra fee, but pick the fun ones 🎸
  • It never expires; it only gets better, like wine 🍷
  • Get a Golden Ticket badge on your profile page 🔑


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7 in stock



When can I add the other team members?

You can add more info about the team in your submission ZIP file (see the competition brief).

Where do I find my submission code?

The ORDER number you will receive with the first email is the code you must use to submit your project. The code is a four or five-digit order number, looking like #1234 or #98765. You can use this code to submit all present and future competitions. If you are looking for your Golden Ticket order number, click on your avatar on the top right of the screen and select “your orders”.

Can I join the competitions with other team members with a golden ticket?

Yes, you can! You can join all the competitions and have a maximum of 4 people joining your team. The team members can be different from competition to competition, but the owner of the golden ticket should always be part of the team.

How do I get my account verified on is the platform we built to collect submissions and to let our community build their portfolio (more updates to come soon). After you create an account and upload at least 3 projects in your portfolio section, just let us know in the Golden Ticker Owners Group and you will be granted the verified badge!