South Diagonal- Tucuman Argentina

South Diagonal- Tucuman Argentina

I am thrilled to present this architectural project in San Miguel de Tucumán, a city with extraordinary potential for sustainable urban development. My proposal focuses on creating a linear park along an existing canal, along with a metropolitan urban study that includes a business administrative hub. This project aims to link different districts of the city and decentralize the capital’s center, promoting balanced growth and a higher quality of life for its residents.

The linear park along the canal will provide a green and accessible public space for recreation and leisure for citizens. With play areas, walking and biking trails, as well as rest areas, this park will become a landmark where nature and community converge.

The metropolitan urban study will include a business administrative hub that will serve as a nerve center for managing the city’s different districts. This facility will not only house government and corporate offices but also offer spaces for collaboration and innovation, thus fostering economic and social development in the region.

The implementation of a train system in the metropolitan area of San Miguel de Tucumán is a crucial measure to improve urban mobility and reduce traffic congestion. This rapid and efficient public transportation system will connect the city’s different districts, facilitating access to jobs, education, and services for all citizens.

The design of the train system will be carefully integrated with the metropolitan urban study and the linear park along the canal. Train stations will be strategically located near residential and commercial areas, promoting intermodality and facilitating connections with other modes of transportation, such as buses and bicycles.

In addition to improving accessibility and connectivity, the implementation of a train system will contribute to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality in the city. By encouraging the use of public transportation, a more sustainable lifestyle will be promoted, advancing towards a more livable and equitable city for all its inhabitants.

In summary, this project not only aims to transform the urban landscape of San Miguel de Tucumán but also to improve the quality of life for its citizens and promote more sustainable and balanced urban development for future generations.

5 years. The green corridor has already been generated and with the passage of the train the order of
the internal clalles is reconsidered to sector 3 and a connection from Guillermina Park to the University
sector is extended, achieving greater dynamism and speed when tackling a step over these barriers
10 years. the growth of the city that will gradually rise with buildings on the edge of the Camino del Perú
and a growth that will benefit the correcor as well as the sector and will change the profile of the city
allowing an increase in its heights, achieving a commercial core around it
15 years. takes more heights and is defined to leave internal pedestrian sectors free for commercial use on
the sector allowing a filter of the city within the administrative building block, providing air to the
sector and respecting the concept of “city for men”, providing distance and air
20 years. The concept of the greater the height or complexity of the building, the greater the green sector and
greater air lung, to avoid densifying the sector and obtaining orderly growth, the sector
consolidation and gradually grows in height to the city.
30 years. The Metropolitan Administrative Complex is consolidated, providing growth in the three areas
that border the sector, allowing the growth of its surroundings and pricing its edges, achieving a change that
gradually benefit the three cities and decentralize their administrative sectors, achieving a complex
designed where the dynamism of the city and access to it is more fuid with more connections
dynamics, achieving joint growth.

 Urban-Landscape Project for the planning of the South-East sector of the town of Yerba BuenaThe Diagonal Sur project establishes guidelines for the development of the most sustainable urban fabric, specifying its development in decreasing areas with the objective of achieving more potential in them and addressing urban barriers as icons to be able to provide a change of metropolitan integration with the neighboring municipalities.The Diagonal Sur project addresses a series of stages that will be developed in 5 stages, accommodating the growth of green corridors on the canals that run through this sector. the approach to the integration of a lung block, integrating it into the site and allowing this sector that adopted an industrial character on its periphery to produce a change to a revitalized Administrative Metropolitan, integrating a great point within the city.Consolidating the city in an increase in height and proposing good use of its densification, maintaining the urban profile that characterizes the municipality of Yerba Buena.The corridor will have a metropolitan train system that would enrich the area and contribute to the link and speed that the area to be intervened maintains, positioning it as an ambitious project in the integration of different public and private areas.The objective is to give these edges a different character and stop seeing them as a barrier but rather as a connection and weave the city with its limits, articulating its area of influence.The project has a series of types of buildings proposed gradually in different stages, giving an increase in height with defined areas with different setbacks and heights, leaving basements with more fluidity, connections and participation of public and private space, leaving free transit within the blocks forming internal pedestrians. The building complex will provide an administrative lung that will decentralize different municipalities and will have public transportation that allows faster access to said place. The southern diagonal project tries to be an administrative integrative response within the city that will give life to an important sector. which is in decline

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