Yanwei Lew: HM of the Cyclist House

+ Yanwei Lew ūüá≤ūüáĺ

Honourable Mention of the Cyclist House

Portfolio: https://www.non-a.com/members/yanwei-lew/

1) Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Born with a fascination for structures and spaces, I discovered my passion for  architecture at a very young age. From meticulously arranging LEGO bricks to sketching imaginary buildings, I showed an innate talent for design and a keen eye for  detail. 

Fueling my passion, I immersed myself in books, documentaries, and visits to  architectural marvels around the world. Each experience fueled my desire to create  spaces that not only functioned efficiently but also inspired and uplifted those who  inhabited them. 

Upon graduating from high school, I wasted no time in pursuing their dream, enrolling  in a prestigious architecture school. Here, I found myself surrounded by like-minded  individuals and mentors who nurtured their creative spirit and challenged them to push  boundaries.

2) What inspired you for the Cyclist House?

Inspired by Fabio Wibmer, famous extreme biker and Youtuber. He use exceptional  skills and daredevil guts to perform extreme biking. Watching his videos and movies  allow oneself to sunk into his wild passion and his eager to challenge something  beyond possible. For the past few years, the old and the young, the rich or the poor,  all of us were constrained by the outbreak of deadly virus. The passion of biking for  me, was also buried under the shadows of pandemic. So, I designed The Adrenaline Lab. A experimental lab to gather biking enthusiasts. A common ground to perform  and train biking skills safely.

Whist the swiping curves create circulation loops in the building, it is also to inspired ¬†movement. Multiple performances and trainings can happen in the same time as all ¬†the spaces are well utilized. The building revolutionize contemporary living with a twist ¬†of hobby lifestyle. Hobby like biking plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body ¬†both mentally and physically. The architecture of exterior steel frame is inspired by the ¬†design of ‚ÄúGlobe of Death‚ÄĚ, it is a containment of explosive biking energy that is happening inside this spiritual playground.

3) Can you describe any particular challenges you faced during the design process and how
you overcame them?

In the Cyclist House architecture competition, I encountered the unique challenge of  designing a living space tailored specifically to the needs and lifestyle of avid cyclists.  The competition brief called for a residence that seamlessly integrated storage solutions, maintenance facilities, and indoor/outdoor spaces optimized for bicycle enthusiasts. 

One of the primary challenges I faced was striking the right balance between  functionality and aesthetic appeal. While it was essential to prioritize practical features  such as bike storage, repair stations, and easy access to outdoor trails, I also wanted to ensure that the design reflected the values and passions of the inhabitants. This  meant creating a space that not only accommodated their cycling equipment but also celebrated their love for the sport through thoughtful design elements and immersive experiences.

4) How do you think your educational background or professional experiences influenced your winning design?

My educational background and professional experiences played a pivotal role in  shaping my approach to architectural design and ultimately contributed to my success  in winning competitions. 

During my time in architecture school, I was exposed to a diverse range of design  theories, principles, and techniques. This comprehensive education provided me with  a solid foundation in architectural history, theory, and practice, equipping me with the  knowledge and skills necessary to conceptualize and execute innovative design  solutions. 

In addition to my formal education, my professional experiences further enriched my  understanding of architectural design and provided me with valuable real-world  insights. Working on a variety of projects across different scales and typologies  exposed me to diverse design challenges and opportunities, allowing me to develop a  versatile skill set and a nuanced understanding of the built environment.

5) What advice would you give to students or young professionals looking to excel in architecture competitions?

For students or young professionals aspiring to excel in architecture competitions,  here are some valuable pieces of advice: 

1. Study Past Winners: Take the time to research and analyze past winning  entries in architecture competitions. Pay attention to the design concepts, strategies, and approaches that led to their success. 

2. Think Outside the Box: Don’t be afraid to think creatively and explore ¬†unconventional ideas in your design. Architecture competitions often reward ¬†innovative and visionary concepts that challenge the status quo and push the ¬†boundaries of traditional thinking.¬†

3. Seek Feedback and Collaboration: Don’t work in isolation. Seek feedback and ¬†critique from peers, mentors, and professionals throughout the design process. ¬†Collaborate with others to brainstorm ideas, refine your concepts, and ¬†strengthen your design proposal.

6) What are your future aspirations in the field of architecture?

As an aspiring architecture professional and current student, my aspirations in the field  of architecture are driven by a passion for creativity, innovation, and making a positive  impact on the built environment. I aspire to become a versatile and visionary architect who is known for pushing the  boundaries of design and creating spaces that inspire, uplift, and enhance the lives of  people. I envision myself leading projects that blend artistic expression with practicality,  incorporating cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and human-centered  design principles to address the complex challenges facing our world today.

The Adrenaline Lab


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