After purchasing the ticket, you will be automatically added to the relevant Competition Group. You can submit your project form there. Go to your profile > Competitions > Click the Competition Group > Submissions and upload your file.

Keep in mind the submissions will open following the Brief’s calendar.

For the groups: you can create multiple free accounts via and request access to the relevant Competition Group. Each team should be represented by at least one person with a profile on during the submission process.

Do not hesitate to ask us any question at

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When can I add the other team members?

We will ask for more information during the submission process.

How do I use a Promo code?

Add this product to the cart. You will be asked to add the code later while proceeding to the checkout.

Where do I find my submission code?

The ORDER number you will receive with the first email is the code you must use to submit your project. The code is a four or five-digit order number, looking like #1234 or #98765. You can also find your code via your profile menu -> my orders. For group tickets, use the same code for all submissions.

If I buy the group discount ticket, will I directly receive the submission codes?

When you purchase a group discount, you will receive only one submission code. Within 24 hours, we will send you an email with a list of all the missing codes for you to share with the group.

What are the benefits of purchasing a GOLDEN TICKET?

By purchasing a GOLDEN TICKET, you will be able to join all our competitions throughout the year and forward (12+). In addition, you will be able to download free ebooks and other features. The GOLDEN TICKET is 89€, and you can still invite your friends to join you in the competitions. Discover more here.


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